About the WCVM Technology

The Warren County Virtual Museum project is a custom-developed open-source web application designed and coded here in Monmouth, Illinois.

The application was designed by the core project team of Nick Carlson, Lynn Daw, Bridget Draxler, Laris Good, Carol Parrish, Paul Schuytema and Susan Twomey. The University of Iowa's Nikki Dudley was an invaluable resource in general database design and Dublin Core integration. The application core was written by Megan Lyle, Christine Pettett and Paul Schuytema. Testing and support was provided by Evan Davis.

The application was coded in PHP and MySQL using the CodeIgniter application framework. The application also utilizes Twitter's Bootstrap CSS framework and Dan Mongomery's BitAuth user-validation library. The project source-code is hosted on GitHub.

This site works best when viewed in Google Chrome.

Once the Warren County Virtual Museum project is complete locally, we will work to create a "location agnostic" version that can be utilized by other Illinois communities and regions to help tell their stories on-line. If you would like additional information on this web application, please email Paul Schuytema at paul.schuytema(at-sign)cityofmonmouth.com or utilize the Contact menu item above.

The Warren County Virtual Museum
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