Robert Dunlap - Local Hero

  • Pamphlet from Dunlap Terrace Dedication
  • Dunlap Terrace Dedication Newspaper Article
  • Dunlap Terrace Dedication Article
  • Photograph of Robert Dunlap with the Constructors of Dunlap Terrace
  • Robert Dunlap at Dunlap Terrace Dedication
  • Robert Dunlap as a Monmouth College Football Player
  • Monmouth College Varsity Football Team
  • Monmouth College Track Team
  • Monmouth College Student Council Member

Dunlap Terrace at Monmouth College

As a student at Monmouth College, Robert Dunlap had a positive impact on his local community. He attended Monmouth College from 1938 until 1942. During this time, he presented himself as a leader and positive role model. On campus, Dunlap was not only involved in his majors of economics and accounting and minors of mathematics and education, but he was also active in extra curricula's and held leadership roles in organizations. Dunlap was the treasurer of the student body, quarterback of the football team, and member of the basketball and track teams. In addition to these involvements, Dunlap was a member of the Octopus Society, a senior honor society, as well as the M Club, a group comprised of athletes who had lettered in a sport. Information from MC Archives: Oral Histories, Alumni Boxes, and Ravelings (

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