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Doc Kieft - Local Hero

Doc Kieft is a Local Hero because of the positive affect he has had on people's lives. Words that can describe Doc's personality are Caring, Gentle, Outgoing, Effervescent, Unpretentious, Interested, Teacher, and Friend. When Professor Craig Watson was asked to describe Doc in three words, he said that it is impossible to describe Doc in three words because Doc is indescribable. Professor Watson continued saying that he believed the term hero is overused, and he prefers to describe Doc as a tremendous "spirit" of Monmouth College. Professor Watson said, "Doc was part of the soul of Monmouth College". College President Mauri Ditzler stated, "He [Doc] could fill the role of professor and older brother and merge those roles in a way that had a remarkable impact." Doc believed that the College defined his adult life, but, in reality, he helped define Monmouth College.

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