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The Cannon - Stolen by 1904 Junior Class

Back in the 1900s, junior and senior classes at Monmouth College seemed to always be at odds, which were followed by major class rivalries, and these rivalries were evident between the class of 1903 and the class of 1904. The Class of 1903 boasted about the senior class gift they were donating to Monmouth College. Nine male students from the Class of 1904 became envious, so they decided to steal and hide the cannon to prevent the donation. The Class of 1904 transported the cannon to Cedar Creek, where it was dumped over the bridge. Cedar Creek has been a very important part of Warren County history. Cedar Creek was the location where the first cabin of Warren County was built, a Cedar Creek Presbyterian Church was established, a sawmill was built, Monmouth College picnics were held, and much more.

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