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Bobby Schilling

In August of 2010, Parrish invited Bobby Schilling, a Republican candidate for Congress, attended a meet and greet at her home. It was an informal picnic where he spoke about his position on taxes, business, and the economic crisis. In support of him, Carol became a precinct committeeman for her township and a county coordinator for his campaign. She personally walked the streets of Monmouth to distribute literature relating to his cause. Carol is a person who is committed to her views, especially politically, because she firmly believes that they shape the world around her as she knows it. She does not take participation in democracy lightly and believes that by informing her community and sparking their involvement, she has done her duty as a citizen. Part of the reason Carol feels such a deep commitment to her role as a citizen is because of the relationships she has built with veterans from the community who have physically fought to secure it. She is also always open to political discussion and what every part of democracy means for each individual around her. She has learned this openness from local political philosophers she has had the pleasure to meet in her endeavors to preserve their histories. (source:

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