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YMCA Youth Programs

At the YMCA Tom became a huge part of the youth programs and getting the children of the Monmouth community involved and active. When Tom was involved with the youth programs he thought it was a good idea that the kids became more involved with sports. Tom believes that the YMCA is key aspect to the Monmouth community and it allows people of all ages to show of their skills and teaches them valuable life lessons. Sam Brooks, the CEO of the YMCA, said that "he [Tom] had a knack to be able to know almost all of the kids' names that came through the programs. This made the kids feel very special and important." (Email Interview with Sam Brooks)

The youth programs at the YMCA provide kids in the Monmouth community to be active and enjoy sports/activities they love. The kids look forward to participating with their friends in a safe environment. These programs allow kids that don't get the chance to participate in club sports to still play and show off their skills.

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