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When Christen Allen was younger she was taught the importance of having a good work ethic. Christen's parents told her that if she wanted something, she needed to earn it herself. This led Christen to start doing small jobs as a child, like walking dogs and helping others as much as possible. When old enough to start working, Christen got a job at Target. Through Christen's hard work and commitment she was promoted to department head her senior year of high school. This meant that Christen was not only a full time student but a full time employee as well. During the 12 years Christen worked in retail she was also a committed member of the volunteer program Target has to offer. She would travel with other Target volunteer members to different volunteer projects throughout her time in retail.

Target regularly provides opportunities of all types for team members to connect their hard work, focus, and generosity to strengthening their local communities.

Target Volunteer Councils (TVCs) and community captains come together throughout the year to plan the volunteer events for their dedicated employees to attend.

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