Buster Kellogg Jr. - Local Hero

  • Buster Kellogg Jr. with George W. Bush
  • George W. Bush

Young Republicans

Buster Kellogg Jr. played a key role in organizing the group of Young Republicans circa 1990. The group used his office as their main headquarters and Buster held monthly meetings for the group at Pizza Hut. Buster organized everything for the group including mailings, volunteers, and fundraisers as well as walks through the communities to hand out campaign information. Buster and the group even went as far as providing rides to polling stations for voters in need. Buster is a local hero because he went above and beyond the call of duty to inform citizens and get others involved in the political process.

Young Republicans was a group of community members throughout Warren County who made an effort to inform local communities about political candidates. They focused on providing information to individuals about both republican and democratic candidates so they could be informed voters.

The main goal of this organization was ti educate voters about the candidates and get more individuals to the polls to vote for their candidates of choice.

Not only were members of the local communities involved in the organization, but students of Monmouth College and state workers also participated and contributed to the group.

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