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George Buss

Carol describes her interactions with George Buss, an Abe Lincoln impersonator, as an interesting time in her life. Carol first met Buss (who hails from Freeport) after he gave a presentation at one of her family reunions. Parrish and Buss had a joint understanding of the dilemma facing small towns; in their words, the fact that the best and brightest tend to leave and not return was an issue. To combat this phenomenon, Carol learned from George about the mentoring programs set up in schools in Freeport. Seeing the change that mentoring has made in Freeport inspired Carol to continue to be a mentor in her community of Monmouth, IL. To discourage the flight of qualified minds Carol has been providing internship opportunities for years. Also, she tries to ensure that those who work with her become fluent in the art of interviewing, networking, and of course, working with the community. (source: Hutton, Matt. "Re-enactor Gets to Know Lincoln inside and outside." Daily Review Atlas. N.p., 09 Feb. 2011. Web.)

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