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Kellogg Printing: Landmark

Kellogg Printing is a beautiful building located in the historic district of downtown Monmouth. Buster Kellogg Jr. has put much of his time, effort, and money into maintaining the historical integrity of his business. Buster said that he tries to take on one project a year in order to upkeep and care for his building. Doing so makes the building very attractive and draws people to the downtown area. Preserving, up-keeping, and caring for this historic building makes Buster a local hero because he is promoting the appeal and draw to the downtown community.

95 Public Square is part of the Historic District of downtown Monmouth, Illinois and has been an exceptional part of Monmouth's history.

This building was built in 1880 as a Pabst Brewery owned tavern and housed the longest bar in Illinois at the time.

The building was built in an Italianate architectural style which has been preserved to this day and the tile flooring located in the building is the original flooring that was laid when it was built in 1880.

Kellogg Printing is home to the first elevator that existed in Monmouth Illinois. This elevator works on a system of pulley's and is hand operated.

Kellogg Printing Inc. is the business currently occupying the building, where it has been serving the Monmouth community since 1924.

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