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Kellogg Printing: The Business

Buster Kellogg Jr. is the owner of Kellogg Printing, a business that is a staple in the Monmouth community. Kellogg Printing provides printing services to the entire Monmouth area. This business also brings revenue into the area which allows for further progress in the community. Owning and operating this business makes Buster Kellogg Jr. a local hero in Monmouth because he is contributing his time, service, energy, and finances to meet the needs of others.

The location of 95 Public Square has been a printing company since 1924. Charles Kellogg worked as the foreman of the Review Atlas Printing Co. which was located in the building in 1924.

He stayed in the printing business at this location until the 1960s. His son, Buster Kellogg Sr., began working in the company in the 1940s and eventually purchased the building in 1955, and the business in 1976. Sr. retired in the early 2000s and his son, Buster Kellogg Jr., now runs the company.

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