Christen Allen

  • Energy League Apartment Complex
  • Location of Lincoln Homes
  • Wall Decoration
  • Library at Energy League
  • Tree Mural at Energy League

Lincoln Homes

The Lincoln Homes is a housing community located in Monmouth, IL. The Energy League has an apartment building designated to the after school program. The building that the Energy League is located in was turned into a community center complex by tearing down a wall between two apartments to create one larger space. The building is laid out differently than the other homes in the housing community to better provide for the students' needs and the activities that the Energy League provides. Christen Allen has done her best to make the building as welcoming as possible for the students' by adding motivational quotes, creating a library nook, and much more.

The Warren County Housing Company owns the building that houses the Energy League and also funds the water and electric bills.

Located at 771-799 S 9th St Monmouth, IL this community is a diverse community that provides low income housing for residents of Monmouth.

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