Carol Parrish - Local Hero

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Warren County History Museum

Carol's most noteworthy involvement with the Monmouth community is arguably her work with the Warren County Historical Society. She is not paid for her contributions to the Warren County History Museum or the hours that she has put into curating, organizing inventory, planning, or general upkeep. The majority of the responsibilities Carol tends to concerning the museum drive her outside of the building and into the heart of the community. In order for her to accurately preserve the history of the Monmouth community and Warren County as a whole, it is absolutely necessary for her to build bonds with the people of Monmouth. She has worked with a diverse group of individuals, gathering information from people of all backgrounds with valuable information. As an example, Carol's latest large exhibit (Warren County's Involvement in World War I) served as a platform for research that would require her to speak to locals from all over the county. Carol sent letters and was a guest on a radio show all to open lines of communication with the public. Her ultimate goal was to hear from anyone who would respond with information on their family regarding their involvement with the First World War. Because the integrity of the content at the museum is based upon local community members, Parrish has always stressed the importance of their memories, their experiences, and their names. As a curator, Parrish has always valued accuracy and thoroughness within research. Monmouth, IL is not the type of city that you can Google for informative background information. Anything worth knowing comes from the mouth of a local citizen and that is why Parrish values the input of each and every person as priceless.

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