Susan Schuytema

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  • Market Alley Wines at Store Opening
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Market Alley Wines

Susan opened Market Alley Wines in 2011. Since then it has become an integral part of Monmouth's community, a place where people can gather and enjoy themselves without feeling confined in their own homes. Despite having to do some remodeling, including the addition of two public restrooms, Schuytema bought the space primarily because she knew she would have to do limited remodeling to make her dream a reality.

The charm and sense of belonging is what keeps Market Alley Wines' customers coming back. Market Alley Wines is a third place, a home away from home. As described by employee Tom Lawson, it is the Cheers of Monmouth, Illinois, where everybody knows your name.

Hidden behind the wall containing most of the displayed wine are the shoe racks once used by Bowman Shoe Store. Behind the opposite wall is a small hallway, with words of wisdom written by Bowman employees. In addition, the front walk leading to the store still shows the Bowman tiling.

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