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Bowman Shoe Store

Bowman Shoe Store/Bowman Brothers Shoe Store - 1939-1995

Bowman Shoe Store was opened in 1939 by Allen and Algot Bowman. Throughout the years, the name changed between Bowman Shoe Store and Bowman Brothers Shoe Store, depending on the ownership at the time.

Many citizens of Monmouth during the time of Bowman Shoe Store may remember having their feet X-Rayed in a fluoroscope, which was used to determine how well each foot fit into the shoe. It was a common fixture in many shoe stores across the country between the 1930s and 1950s.

Bowman Shoe Store was a common place for young children to get their school and church shoes, which were often the only two pairs of shoes they owned. In all, the Bowmans owned 17 different shoe stores, most in small towns similar to Monmouth.

Bowman Shoe Store remained an integral part of the Monmouth community until its closing in 1995.

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