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Life in Monmouth

Dorothy has quite the life in Monmouth. She started out attending Monmouth College from 1979-1983 and has lived here ever since. Dorothy started her career at Security Savings Bank with a self-made internship. Dorothy was featured in the article: Having it All in Monmouth because she has found a way to balance a rewarding career, volunteering, and family. In the article Dorothy was quoted saying, "Living in a small town is great. I don't have a 20-minute commute to get to work every day, my employer is supportive of me, my husband is a teacher and has flexible hours, and I have great care-givers. I couldn't raise a family in a larger community and be as involved as I am now". With some of the negative connotation of living in Monmouth, which would be considered a dying town if it wasn't for the college, Dorothy swings the small-town life in a positive way. She credits the small town for the reason why she is so involved in the community. If it wasn't for the small town she wouldn't have the time to be involved in more than 10 voluntary activities. During an interview with Dorothy she told a story about a longtime friend and classmate at Monmouth who stated he could never live in Monmouth and Dorothy responded with I would never live in Chicago. Dorothy went on telling us, "It's great that people know what they like what's right for me may not be right for you, and what's right for you may not be right for me". Dorothy said without the Monmouth Community she wouldn't be the person she is today.

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