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Why the Special Olympics?

According to her sister, Diane Germann, Cathy was a "strong-willed, determined, smart, and athletic" child growing up and these attributes primed her for her successful future in sports recreation (E-mail Interview, 2015). Cathy and her family began their involvement with the Special Olympics when her younger brother, Mike, began participating in events. Cathy has always been around the Special Olympics and developed a passion for helping individuals with special needs. After college, Cathy began working for Knox County Council for Developmental Disabilities (KCCDD) as a recreation coordinator. She then moved on to be the recreation coordinator for the Warren Achievement Center and that position involved coaching for the Special Olympics. She began working more and more with the Special Olympics and eventually became Area Director. Cathy has always had two things that she has loved--sports recreation and helping individuals with disabilities--and she has been able to combine those two things in her job. "Watching Cathy go from sister of a Special Olympic athlete, coach, to Area Director is a tribute to her determination to make a difference with the special needs population" (Diane Germann, E-mail Interview, 2015).

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