Lupe (Almaguer) Smith

  • Lupe at her dressing table
  • Lupe (left), 1939

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Lupe's Volunteerism

One of the most significant ways Lupe aided the community of Monmouth was through her work at Farmland Foods in the early 1990s. For over five years, Lupe served as a volunteer translator and interpreter, on an as-needed basis, collaborating with the company to improve the orientation experience, workers' physicals and paperwork completion for the large number of Farmland's Hispanic employees. Michelle Reyburn, the Human Resource Manager at Farmland Foods, spoke of Lupe's incredible energy during her involvement with Farmland: "There she was, at 70 some years old, and you would have never been able to guess how old she was," adding "She had energy that I hope to have when I'm that age." It was this energy that Reyburn believes allowed Lupe to help "several hundred" individuals at Farmland over the duration of her four years volunteering with the company. Although many people in Monmouth were aware of Lupe's volunteerism through Farmland, she remained humble about her impact on the community. Susan Twomey says of Lupe's involvement, "it's something I'm still learning about." Susan emphasized Lupe's profound impact on the community of Monmouth, while adding that due to Lupe's quiet leadership, it is difficult to know exactly how many people Lupe helped over the years. Although many people in the area are still learning about the impact of Lupe's activism and community involvement, Lupe's selflessness was made very clear by her nursing career. As a nurse, Lupe gained an incredible amount of satisfaction from helping others. According to Lupe, this desire to help others was something she cultivated a young age. In "Memories," Lupe writes of a time when she helped a vet with one of the family cows. Lupe remembers, "I loved that job and did it well as the cow did better," saying "that was the beginning of my nursing career."

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