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  • Stafford Weeks Courier
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Stafford Weeks' Involvement With the Courier

Stafford Weeks was also known for his assistance with Monmouth College's weekly newspaper, The Courier. Throughout the Courier, Weeks frequently published articles using bibles verses to present topics such as academic freedom. As the college chaplain, Weeks was able to provide the Courier with passages from the bible to given insight with controversial topics as well to give the students a deeper understanding of the meaning of the verse. For example, according to Weeks "The freedom which the Gospel declares is the freedom to know and to love God, the freedom from guilt before him and a new freedom to be obedient to him" and presents a passage from Acts 5: 35-39. Weeks uses this passage to describe to the campus what the true definition of freedom due to certain students feeling they have frreedom from their parents when they attend college. Credit By: Article Picture: Momouth College Courier, November, 1962

The image displays the article contributed by Stafford Weeks discussing the meaning of freedom in the Monmouth Courier.

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