Stafford Weeks: Local Hero

Stafford Weeks: The Musician

Stafford Weeks did not only have a passion for teaching religious studies, but he also had an undying love and passion for music. Stafford Weeks was born in a musical family because his parents and his siblings each played an instrument. Weeks began playing music at five or six years old and have loved it since he began playing. Weeks played one instrument or another for 60 years including a saxophone, clarinet, and a violin. Weeks developed resilient improvisational skills due to his influence of his love for Jazz. Weeks played the clarinet in the Dixieland Jazz band, Monmouth College band and was a member of the Monmouth high school booster. After Weeks retired, he would occasionally play for charity events. Credit By: Article Picture: Passion for Music: Daily Review Atlas, February 26, 1994 Article Picture: Civic Orchestra: The Review Atlas, 1959 Article Picture: Jazz Band: Review Atlas,June 29,2001

The images display Stafford Weeks performing at multiple community and charity events for the Monmouth citizens.

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