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Mellinger Foundation President for 20 years

Dave was President of the Edward Arthur Mellinger Educational Foundation for 20 years. The Mellinger Foundation awards scholarships to undergraduate students who attend accredited colleges and universities or accredited and/or recognized vocational schools within the United States. In addition, the Foundation makes grants to qualified charitable organizations for educational purposes. This program has had a huge impact on many students lives and helped them have a chance to go to college and be successful. This is another way in which Dave Fleming demonstrated helping and caring of other people, which he seemed to do so well. One of the questions we asked people was, What do you think shaped Dave to be as successful as he was? Bruce Haywood had a short answer but very meaningful one by saying, Determination. This is demonstrated fully with his work in the Mellinger Foundation. Dave was obviously very determined in his work to give students a chance to go to school and be successful. http://www.mellinger.org/

Dave Fleming was the President of the Mellinger Foundation for 20 years before re-retiring in 2005.

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