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Dave Fleming's Great Accomplishments

One of the best questions we asked people that we talked to was, What do you think Dave would think was his greatest accomplishment? They couldn't pin-point one thing. That opened the doors for many answers, but depending on who we were interviewing based off their particular relationship with Dave was the deciding factor for how they answered that question. For instance, His wife Mary said, "he was a wonderful husband, and an absolute great father and just a fascinating person to many people." Bruce Haywood who knew Dave through work, but also became very close with him personally said, "his family." "His wife and the sons he raised were the center of his existence." Robert Riley who was a family friend and served on many different boards with Dave gave a little different answer, "If I had to choose one thing I think Dave would think taking the Mellinger foundation and developing it for a new era would be one of his greatest accomplishments." With these three answers to that question brought on a whole new aspect about Dave that we didnt know in the beginning. It can be inferred that he was a very caring person. Many successful people are motivated by money or being known as successful, but Dave seemed to be family first type guy. Everything he did helped his family in one way or another. Pratt, Jane. Personal Interview. 2013. October 30, 2013

Dave's list of accomplishments are far more than the average person imagine acheiving in a lifetime.

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