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Dave Fleming's Sense of Humor

A very special part of Dave's life that he blessed everyone with was his outstanding sense of humor. All the people we talked to about Dave many things were similarly phrased that gave us a great understanding of who he was. The one thing that was so unique and important for people to tell about him was his outstanding sense of humor. Every single person had a different and very interesting story about Dave's sense of humor. One very unique story that came up came from Bob Meling who was a good friend of Dave's he shared this story, "One fun thing that comes to mind was in about 1982 Monmouth had a Sesquicentennials celebration and our Bank board decided that we were going to have a mock bank robbery. Some of us played the part of people in the bank making deposits or legal withdrawals. I was one of these and I with another board member came to town with our donkey and a bag of money for deposit. This was a live donkey. David and several other board members came into town on horses and immediately went into the bank and started the robbery. There were gunshots and our donkey decided he wanted to run. We finally caught him on the Square. In the meantime at the bank there was a lot of screaming and shooting but this was probably one of David's few failures as the robbers were stopped and no money was taken." This was a very unique story that just displayed the attitude of Dave's sense of humor and how people remembered it. Riley, Robert. Personal Interview. 2013

Dave was well known for his mischieveous sense of humor, this photo captures the that smile he blessed many with throughout his life.

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