Gracie Peterson - Local Hero

  • Songbooks for the Rotary Club
  • Monmouth Rotary's First Lady
  • Rotary Award
  • Rotary Club Song Book

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Music at the Rotary Club

Not only did Peterson perform for the community in her productions in conjunction with the college and the Rivoli Theatre in Monmouth, but she also volunteered her time to play at each of the Rotary Club's weekly meetings. Starting in 1922, only four years after the first Monmouth Rotary Club meeting, Gracie began playing at the weekly meetings in Monmouth, until she was nearly 100 years old. The songs that Gracie played depended on the season or the agenda of the meeting, but some of the most recognizable song titles in her song books were "The Star Spangled Banner," and Rotary Club anthems including, "Rotary Marching Song," and "Rotary Welcome Song." After serving in the Rotary Club for nearly seventy years, Peterson was named the first female member of the Monmouth Rotary Club in 1989.

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