Gracie Peterson - Local Hero

  • Flyer Advertising Gracie's 1944 Show,

"Girl of the Year," 1944

In 1944, Gracie Peterson's students, a group known as the Monmouth College Co-eds performed in "Girl of the Year." This musical boasted a cast of forty girls, and traveled to many local venues to perform their production. One of the nearly ten venues included the Red Cross Hospital where the cast performed for the patients and World War II veterans. According to a newspaper article anticipating the shows opening, Peterson selected each cast member not only for her singing ability, but also for her personality and stage presence. Another article reads, "clever songs, clever costumes and clever costumes are combined to make a clever stage presentation for Peterson's 'Girl of the Year.'" Gracie served as the pianist for the show where the girls sang songs such as "Night and Day," and "Sing a Little Low Down Tune."

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