Robert Dunlap - Local Hero

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Warren County YMCA

Dunlap was an assistant coach for the swim team at the Warren County YMCA. His involvement as a coach outside of Warren School shows his dedication to his local community. Just as he was able to do at Warren School, Dunlap was able to further reach out to his community and inspire the youth around him. As a swim coach, he was not only able to teach the fundamentals of swimming, but also able to instill lifelong values in his athletes such as dedication, determination, and positivity. According to John Turnbull, a swimmer coached by Dunlap, he "was a good coach, [and] made us work hard." Even though he made them work hard, Dunlap still had a lively spirit and even showed his athletes his war wounds upon their request. Information from Interview with John Turnbull ( & YMCA Website (

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