Robert Dunlap - Local Hero

  • Dunlap Relays
  • Assistant Coach Dunlap
  • Basketball Coach
  • Freshmen/Sophomore Warren School Basketball Team
  • Warren School Varsity Basketball Team

Dunlap Relays at Warren Junior High School (Currently United Junior High School)

During the last few years that Dunlap farmed, he reached out even further into the community. Using his previous experience as an athlete during his youth and his coaching skills while in the Marine Corps, Dunlap became a coach at Warren School. Dunlap's coaching focused mainly on junior high school level football and track and freshman and sophomore level basketball. Through coaching, Dunlap worked with young members of the community and became a mentor to them. Information from MC Archives: Alumni Boxes, The Life of A True American Hero: Robert H. Dunlap by Jeffrey M. Taylor located at the Warren County Public Library Genealogy Room

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