Karen Angotti

Karen Angotti is well known through the Monmouth area for her extensive work with community service, especially Rainbow Riders. Karen is a dedicated wife to her husband, Joe Angotti, a loving mother to three children, a compassionate friend and co-worker, and a role model and leader for individuals of all ages to admire.
Karen Angotti grew up in Monmouth but never had intentions of returning after college until her and Joe retired and already had a piece of land to live on in Monmouth. The idea of a Therapeutic Horseback Riding Center was introduced to Karen by a mother of one of Joe's students. Karen got into contact with the mother and discussed how she wanted to give back to the community. The mother was a Therapeutic Horseback Riding Instructor and an Occupational Therapist and told Karen she should look into therapeutic horseback riding. Equine therapy is well-known, and Karen's love for horses shaped the idea for the founding Rainbow Riders. Karen's passion for the center and the children is demonstrated by the success of the center. Karen is not only active in Rainbow Riders but is also engaged in many community events, making her one of Monmouth's Local Heroes.

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