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Spoon River

 Blaikie describes the land of Fulton County to be "fertile and beautiful". It was part of his trip to cross the Spoon River which runs through the county and provides the area with plenty of sustenance. This river led his travels toward Canton, a village in which he planned to do some preaching.

Dunlap Relays at Warren Junior High School (Currently United Junior High School)


Farm Bureau in Warren County


Robert Dunlap Described by Those Who Knew Him


Robert Dunlaps Selected Accomplishments and Honors


Warren County YMCA


Warren School District (Currently United School District)


Nolan Kane-Local Hero: Patrick Thompson Interview

 As with Whiteside, Patrick Thompson, family member and close friend of Nolan Kane, recalls many childhood experiences in which Nolan's presence was much cherished. He specifically remembers their time at St. Jude to be so memorable that even at that time and at that young age, he knew it was a significant experience he wouldn't soon forget.

Doc Kieft - Endowment

 Hanks, Amanda. Personal Interview. 2013. Heuermann, Mitchell L. Personal Interview. 2013 Sturgeon, Bradley E. Personal Interview. 2013

Doc Kieft - New Science Building

 Ditzler, Lindsay. Personal Interview. 2013. Sturgeon, Bradley E. Personal Interview. 2013.

Doc Kieft - Sport's Jacket

 Ditzler, Lindsay. Personal Interview. 2013. Sturgeon, Bradley E. Personal Interview. 2013. Watson, Craig. Personal Interview. 2013.

Doc Kieft - Community Involvement

 Gebauer. Evaluation of Dr. Richard L. Kieft. 1976.

Doc Kieft - Football Game

 Hoy, Daniel. Evaluation of Dr. Richard L. Kieft. 1976. Gebauer, Peter. Evaluation of Dr. Richard L. Kieft. 1976. Ditzler, Lindsay. Personal Interview. 2013.

Doc Kieft - License Plate

 "In Memory of 'Doc Kieft' 1945-2009." Monmouth College News and Events. 17 Sept 2009. McNamara, Barry. The 'Yin' and 'Yang' of Liberal Arts. Science and Liberal Arts. 2004.

Doc Kieft - Pancreatic Cancer

 Buss, Donna. Email Regarding Doc Kieft's Condition. 04 September 2009. Richard L. "Doc" Kieft. Funeral Program. Tumbull Funeral Home, Monmouth, IL. 2009.

Doc Kieft - Pennsylvania

 McNamara, Barry. "In memory of 'Doc Kieft' 1945-2009." 2009. Watson, Craig. Personal Interview. 2013

Doc Kieft - What is a Local Hero?

 Ditzler, Lindsay. Personal Interview. 2013. Sturgeon, Bradley E. Personal Interview. 2013. Watson, Craig. Personal Interview. 2013. Pauley, Lucas J. MC Remembers Richard 'Doc' Kieft. The Monmouth College Courier. 2009.

Doc Kieft - ZBT

 "In Memory of 'Doc Kieft' 1945-2009." Monmouth College News and Events. 17 Sept 2009. Kieft, Richard L. "Monmouth College Faculty Professional and Teaching Activities. July 1, 1978 - June 30, 1979." 1979. Pauley, Lucas J. "MC Remembers Richard 'Doc' Kieft." The Monmouth College Courier. 2009.

Dunlap Terrace at Monmouth College


Robert Hugo Dunlap Statue in Monmouth, Illinois


Stafford Weeks Interview with Professor Buban

 The video displays the interview with Professor Buban sharing his memories of Stafford Weeks.

Stafford Weeks Interview With Professor Schell

 The video displays the interview with Professor Schell who provides the characteristics of how Stafford Weeks was seen by friends, family and colleagues

Dave Fleming Memorial Tribute

 Memorial service held January 9, 2010.

Dave Fleming Obituary


Dave Fleming's Great Accomplishments

 Dave's list of accomplishments are far more than the average person imagine acheiving in a lifetime.

Dave Fleming's Sense of Humor

 Dave was well known for his mischieveous sense of humor, this photo captures the that smile he blessed many with throughout his life.

Dave Fleming's work in the Mellinger Foundation

 Dave Fleming was the President of the Mellinger Foundation for 20 years before re-retiring in 2005.

David Fleming Memorial at Monmouth College

 Monmouth College dedicated this memorial to Mr. Flaming in 2010 a year after he passed away.

Ipava Illnois

 Dave Fleming was born and raised in Ipava Illnois a small town in West Central Illinois.

Robert Riley Interview- Sense of Humor

 Robert Riley's fondest memory of his father and Dave Fleming's mischieveous sense of humor.

Stafford and Winifred Weeks Anniversary

 The image displays the Review Atlas announcing and inviting the Monmouth community to celebrate Stafford and Winifred Weeks 60th anniversary at their home.

Stafford Week's Involvement with the Courier

 The image displays the article contributed by Stafford Weeks discussing the meaning of freedom in the Monmouth Courier.

Stafford Weeks Dedicated House

 The Images display the house that Monmouth College dedicated to Stafford Weeks to honor the impact that Weeks has made on the campus.

Stafford Weeks Distinguished Service Award

 The image displays Stafford Weeks earning the Distinguished Service Award with Ernest Crow Jr. for their service in the Monmouth Community.

Stafford Weeks Musician

 The images display Stafford Weeks performing at multiple community and charity events for the Monmouth citizens.

Stafford Weeks participates in Robert G. Woll Memorium

 The image displays the activities that Stafford Weeks performed in the Memorial Service of his fallen colleague, Robert G. Woll.

Stafford Weeks Profile Picture

 The profile picture above displays Stafford Weeks during his time on Monmouth Campus.

Stafford Weeks: Person Of the Week

 The image displays Stafford Weeks being named Monmouth's Person of the Week for work that he accomplished in Monmouth from teaching at Monmouth College to volunteer work in the community.

Map of Alexander Blaikie's Missionary Journey

 As a missionary, it was Alexander Blaikies duty to spread the Presbyterian view and the word of God. He began his mission trip in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 22nd, 1835 and with the beginning of his journey, he also began a diary. In it he not only wrote down the necessary details and hard facts of his everyday life, but also his thoughts and feelings towards his encounters. The following artifacts display some of the more important aspects of his journey, as told by Alexander Blaikie himself. For a transcription of the diary by Doug Ranking, see: For an annotated map, visit:

Donations to Rainbow Riders

 Due to the close-knit and smaller size of Monmouth, many businesses and organizations rely heavily on donations from the community.

2014 Citizen of the Year

 Monmouth's Chamber of Commerce hosts an annual dinner each year to acknowledge service provided by board members and accomplishments within the community. Each year, one community member is awarded for their leadership and dedication to the community by being named "Citizen of the Year." The award is given every March.

Board of Directors


Becoming Involved with Rainbow Riders


Ribon Awareness


Youth Volunteer Leadership Program

 The Youth Volunteer Leadership Program was created when Galesburg Community Foundation provided funding to create a program containing 24 people in the summer. The program includes training the children to groom horses, take them to the arena and other training activities.

Pass program

 The PASS program is a program here in Monmouth that allows students from the alternative school to get a chance to work with a horse in order to learn trust, responsibility and the emotional benefits of bonding with a horse.

Dorothy Ricketts: Intro


Dorothy Ricketts: Intro 1


Jennie Nicol Memorial Health Center

 The Jennie Nicol Memorial Health Center was very small but proved more than adequate to provide first aid to the people of Gatlinburg, TN and neighboring towns. The building still stands today and has since been transformed into office space for employees of the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts.


 ATHENA International celebrates the potential of all women as valued members and leaders of the community, and recognizes those who support them. It is intended for individuals who strive toward the highest levels of professional accomplishment, who have devoted time and energy to their community in a meaningful way, and who also open paths so that others may follow. The ATHENA Leadership Award is presented to, "a woman ---or man--- who is honored for professional excellence, community service and for actively assisting women in their attainment of professional excellence and leadership skills."

Alumnae Club of Illinois Chapter of Pi Beta Phi

 Pi Beta Phi is a women's fraternity that was founded at Monmouth College on April 28, 1867. It has an Alumnae Club for the Illinois Chapter of the fraternity. This club is responsible for fundraising, community events and recognition of active members.

Rainbow Riders Therapeutic Horseback Riding Center

 Rainbow Riders is a therapeutic horseback riding center located in Monmouth, IL. The not-for-profit program serves children with disabilities. It gives them unique and interesting experiences that can benefit them and help them grow as individuals. The founders, volunteers, board of directors, and families are enthusiastic and heavily dedicated to the program allowing everyone involved to have an unforgettable experience.

Fusion Theatre 3


The Plow Company


Post Card


Fusion Theatre logo

 This is the logo for the Fusion Theatre

Monmouth Plow Co.

 Image 1 of Plow Factory

Main Street Cafe


95 Public Square Original Businesses

 95 Public Square was originally built as a Pabst Brewery owned pub, Blue Ribbon Hall. This pub was said to be home to the longest bar in Illinois at the time which ran from the front of the building to the back. The concrete emblem is still above the door behind the current Kellogg's sign. During the same time the bar was in operation, the second floor was occupied by a cigar factory. While women were not allowed in the pub, they were the main employees of the factory where they rolled cigars six days a week. The third floor of this building was a sort of banquet hall where dances and receptions were held.

Martha Brown's Staff in 1990


Current Photo of Fusion Theatre

 In 2013, 230 South Main Street was selected by the Theatre department at Monmouth College to be the home of their future productions. The department had been on the search for more space for their productions since as early 2006. An off-campus location had to be found because there wasnt adequate space on Monmouth Colleges campus. The location was bought in the summer of 2013 from Roy Shaw Jr. Ownership now lies with Frantz-Hobart Community Investors, LLC.- a real estate company based out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Carpenters and crews of Monmouth College helped reconstruct the building into the theater it is today. (Source: Pittman, Annie. "Fusing Community and College." Review Atlas [Monmouth] 26 Feb. 2014: n. pag. Print. Monmouth Courthouse.)

Matha Brown's Advertisement 1987

 Brown Lynch Scott dropped their equipment, hardware, and dry goods inventory to begin selling womens clothing in the late 1960s. Shortly after a name change followed; Borwn Lynch Scott would now be called Marth Brown Ltd. They sold a complete line of womens clothing, including Petite, Missy, and Plus sized clothing. They carried popular name brands, accessories, and gifts. Marth Brown Ltd. was a success well in the mid 1980s, dating operational until at least 1990. Martha Brown was the wife of the first president of the Monmouth Plow Company firm. (Source: Rankin, Jeff. Born Of The Prairie. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print. "Meet The Merchants." The Daily Review Atlas [Monmouth] 17 May 1990: n. pag. Print.)

Street View 1960

 According to the Daily Review Atlas, during 1993, 230 South Main Street was Maple City Home Renovations. Shortly after in 1999 it became Vending Manufacturing Incorporated. This business was owned by former mayor Patrick L. McManus III, who took on the project after his final run in office. (Source: "Patrick L. McManus III." The Daily Review Atlas [Monmouth] 2 Oct. 2008: n. pag. Print. Monmouth Courthouse.)

Warren County History Museum


Namiko Katayama


Bobby Schilling


Wedding Rings

 This is a photo of Carol's and her husband's wedding rings. This photo symbolizes the importance of their relationship. Carol really loves and appreciates her husband.

Carol & Mark Parrish


Carol & one of her Interns

 This a photo of Carol Parrish and one of her interns, Zoe Sutton.

Sister-to-Sister Summit

 American Association of University Women conducts a program for girls in the 5th grade to the 9th grade that discussed topics such as self-esteem, healthy decision making, empowerment, and diversity. The purpose of this program is for girls to have a place where they can talk about problems they are encountering, to help improve their self-esteem, and help them accept themselves and their peers. Sister-to-Sister Summit
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