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Butter Churns






Meat Grinder & Sausage Press


Mixing Equipment

 The many different styles of whisks can be seen by visiting this website:

Nutmeg Grater


Tabletop Fruit Parer & Seeder


The Dairy Queen Churn Company (Monmouth,IL)




95 Public Square Original Businesses

 95 Public Square was originally built as a Pabst Brewery owned pub, Blue Ribbon Hall. This pub was said to be home to the longest bar in Illinois at the time which ran from the front of the building to the back. The concrete emblem is still above the door behind the current Kellogg's sign. During the same time the bar was in operation, the second floor was occupied by a cigar factory. While women were not allowed in the pub, they were the main employees of the factory where they rolled cigars six days a week. The third floor of this building was a sort of banquet hall where dances and receptions were held.

Maple City Soap Works

 Succeed Joseph Pease and son in 1885. South Side C.B. & Q tracks. Sold to Proctor and Gamble in Cincinnati, Ohio and closed.

Monmouth Plow Factory Certificate

 Original certificate issuing 100,000 of stock from the Monmouth Plow Factory.

Runks Patent Gang Plow

 Used during war time to combine, trench plow, and cut 24inches deep. Typically pulled by 3-4 horses.

Red Plow


Pattee Toungless Cultivator

 1882 Patte Plow and Company Cultivator. Owned by Kistler and Company and the Monmouth Stone Company.

Blacksmith Forge


Blacksmith Forge


Potato Digger


Grasshopper Catcher

 1930s Mounted on tractor and driven through field to clear grasshoppers.


 Wagon (Scoop board)

1912 Saddle

 1912 from Sears and Roebuck for 45.00 by Walker Talifomo.

Corn Earn Chopper

 Used to chop ears of corn.

Corn Earn Sheller

 Used to take the shell of of an ear of corn.

John Deere Corn Planter

 John Deer 1 row corn planter. Deere and Mansur Company in Moline, Illinois.

Barn Frame

 1810 Early Illinois Barn Frame from Kirkwood, Illinois.

Fairbanks Farm Scale


Hayes Corn Planter

 2 horse planter by Hayes Planter and Pump Company in Galva, Illinois.

Pattee Toungless Cultivator

 1873 Monmouth, Illinois.

Lime Spreader


Potato Planter

 1900s Potato Planter

Grain Drill

 Used to drill wheat between corn rows.
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