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Chapman School

 Located in Section 2, Monmouth Township, Warren County. Although Bertha Wray sold the property for the school, it was named for Alexander A. Chapman who 320 acres in sections 35 and 36 in Spring Town Grove Township. The school was located in Northern Monmouth Township just across the road from A.A. Chapman's home which was in Spring Grove Township. Jennia Morrow was the teacher in 1892-93. At that time there were 31 pupils in this school. A gradual decrease occurred every year, Aug. 27, 1943 - April 28, 1944. Martha Hoteling was the teacher at that time. The last teacher was Virginia Hillen, 1944-1945, with only 2 students and the school closed at the end of the school year. Chapman School building was moved into Gerlaw and attached to the Gerlaw School and today these buildings are a private home.


 Aletheorian - Second Women's Literacy Society, 1861

Amateur des Belles Lettres (A.B.L.), 1876

 Amateur des Belles Lettres (A.B.L.) - First Women's Literary Society, 1857

Commencement of 1900


Graduating Class of 1865

 The graduating class roll from the Monmouth College Commencement Program, June 29, 1865.

Monmouth College Catalogue, 1857

 This catalogue contains descriptions of class requirements, the students and their roles at the college.

Monmouth College Courier, November 1874

 An article, The Art of Kissing," was found in the Monmouth College Courier in November 1874.

Women's Basket Ball Team

 Despite participating in basketball in physical education classes, it wasn't until 1901 that females were able to compete competitively.

Women's Declaration of Athletic Independence, 1900


Kappa Kappa Gamma, 1870

 Kappa Kappa Gamma became the second women's sorority in 1870.

Dunlap Relays at Warren Junior High School (Currently United Junior High School)


Robert Dunlaps Selected Accomplishments and Honors


Warren County YMCA


Warren School District (Currently United School District)


Doc Kieft - New Science Building

 Ditzler, Lindsay. Personal Interview. 2013. Sturgeon, Bradley E. Personal Interview. 2013.

Doc Kieft - License Plate

 "In Memory of 'Doc Kieft' 1945-2009." Monmouth College News and Events. 17 Sept 2009. McNamara, Barry. The 'Yin' and 'Yang' of Liberal Arts. Science and Liberal Arts. 2004.

Dunlap Terrace at Monmouth College


Robert Hugo Dunlap Statue in Monmouth, Illinois




Sister-to-Sister Summit

 American Association of University Women conducts a program for girls in the 5th grade to the 9th grade that discussed topics such as self-esteem, healthy decision making, empowerment, and diversity. The purpose of this program is for girls to have a place where they can talk about problems they are encountering, to help improve their self-esteem, and help them accept themselves and their peers. Sister-to-Sister Summit

Norris Office Equipment

 100 block North Main that supplied companies with type writers and office supplies.
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