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Warren County Courthouse Architecture

 Stone buildings were very expensive and this form of architecture was the most expensive compared to others. The architecture of Warren County Courthouse is Richardsonian, which is also known as Richardsonian Romanesque Style. This form of architecture was inspired by the ancient Romans, but the architect Henry Hobson Richardson put his own unique taste into this form of architecture. Churches in the Middle East had this type of architecture and this style was then incorporated in the American churches. The Richardsonian Romanesque style was then also used on public buildings, commercial buildings and then residential homes. Richardsonian architecture became more popular around 1870. This style is described as infrequent and sculpted shapes. The buildings that had this form of architecture tended to have a square shape called Ashlar, with rough exposed faces. Roofs were often round and polygonal towers. Buildings tended to be built of solid masonry stone and mixed with bricks. Limestone and sandstone were also used.

Renovations to the Warren County Courthouse

 The Warren County Courthouse originally had a taller center tower with a Seth Thomas clock, but was later removed. The courthouse also had a statue of Lady Liberty on the front gable, but it was blown down in a windstorm in 1895.

Warren County Courthouse Services.

 The courthouse has a variety of services for the community. On the first floor one can do small claims, child support, and bookkeeping. On the east side of the 2nd floor of the Courthouse is the Warren County Clerks Office. The recorders office is located south or right of the elevator. The election office is located north or left of the elevator. All other Civil Divisions and the Criminal Division are located on the third floor office.

Andersonville Prison


1909 Old Guard

 1909 Old Guard. Grandfather of John Wayne pictured.

GAR Flag

 Grand Army of Republic Flag of officers and enlisted men. This was the reconstruction and politics after the war. Showed support and care for soldiers, orphans, and widows. It represented protection for the disabled and show appreciate for service.

Battles of Civil War

 Largest number of men served in the 83rd Infantry.

Company B Infantry

 83rd Infantry stationed at Fort Donelson from 1863-1865. Pictured is grandfather of John Wayne, Marion Morrison.

WWI Postcards

 Written by Private Forrest G. Holmes from WWI in France Army Colonel F 311 Engineers Divison 86 1918-1919.


 WWI soldier group photo

WWI German Helmet

 WWI German infantry Helmet.

Elmer Davis Plaque

 Private Elmer Davis 38th Infantry, 3rd Division American Expeditionary force.

WWI Loyalty Card

 WWI loyalty card. Warren County Neighborhood Committee of the State Council of Defense of Illinois.

WWI Martimer Tinker Helmet

 WWI Helmet worn by Martimer Tinker.

1917 Camera

 Viewing Company- 9,500,000 men registered June 5, 1917. 500,000 selected and put into 16 Army components. 30,000 men comprised each component.

WWI Advertisement


Norris Office Equipment

 100 block North Main that supplied companies with type writers and office supplies.

WWI Uniform

 WWI full uniform.
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