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  • Matha Brown's Advertisement 1987

Brown Lynch Scott dropped their equipment, hardware, and dry goods inventory to begin selling womens clothing in the late 1960s. Shortly after a name change followed; Borwn Lynch Scott would now be called Marth Brown Ltd. They sold a complete line of womens clothing, including Petite, Missy, and Plus sized clothing. They carried popular name brands, accessories, and gifts. Marth Brown Ltd. was a success well in the mid 1980s, dating operational until at least 1990. Martha Brown was the wife of the first president of the Monmouth Plow Company firm.
(Source: Rankin, Jeff. Born Of The Prairie. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print.
"Meet The Merchants." The Daily Review Atlas [Monmouth] 17 May 1990: n. pag. Print.)

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Matha Brown's Advertisement 1987
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