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  • Richardsonian Style Architecture

Stone buildings were very expensive and this form of architecture was the most expensive compared to others.

The architecture of Warren County Courthouse is Richardsonian, which is also known as Richardsonian Romanesque Style.

This form of architecture was inspired by the ancient Romans, but the architect Henry Hobson Richardson put his own unique taste into this form of architecture. Churches in the Middle East had this type of architecture and this style was then incorporated in the American churches.

The Richardsonian Romanesque style was then also used on public buildings, commercial buildings and then residential homes.

Richardsonian architecture became more popular around 1870.

This style is described as infrequent and sculpted shapes. The buildings that had this form of architecture tended to have a square shape called Ashlar, with rough exposed faces. Roofs were often round and polygonal towers.

Buildings tended to be built of solid masonry stone and mixed with bricks. Limestone and sandstone were also used.

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Richardsonian Style Architecture
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