Trudi Peterson

As a member of the Monmouth community, Trudi Peterson has exceled in organizing and developing events on issues that are essential to improve the community.

Trudi obtained her Bachelors degree in Interpersonal and Public Communication at Central Michigan University. Afterwards, she was encouraged by her professors to continue her education and received her Masters in Interpersonal and Public Communication. As she worked to obtain her Masters degree she came across the book In a Different Voice by Carol Gilligan. According to Trudi, this book described her and she began to embrace feminism.

After she received her Ph.D., she later moved to Monmouth to begin her teaching career. She was only expecting to stay for at least 3 years, but as it turns out Trudi has now been in Monmouth for 18 years. Trudi is currently a professor at Monmouth College and the coordinator of the Women's Studies Program, as well as the Communication Studies Department Chair.

She is also a member of the American Association for University Women, an organization that has had a chapter in Monmouth since 1924. This organization's mission is to empower women and to increase womens equality through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research. The American Association for University Women has played a key role in some of the events Trudi has organized.

Through her position as a professor she has encouraged her students to become activist on issues relating to women's rights and equality. Trudi has accomplished this by introducing her students to the American Association of University Women. She has also helped her students become leaders by allowing them to research topics that are of importance to Monmouth. The research has then led her students to conduct campus events that the Monmouth community has also been invited to or formed part of.

Through the different events she has sponsored, organized, and events she has encouraged her students to organize, Trudi serves as a unique entrepreneur. Instead of organizing a business, Trudi dedicates her time to organize events that will ultimately help the women and girls of the Monmouth community.

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